Germany began to give the Turkish military refugee status

Germany began to give the Turkish military refugee status

MOSCOW, may 8 — RIA Novosti. The German authorities have provided the first Turkish military personnel and their families with diplomatic passports and status of political refugees, reports Agence France Presse with reference to the German media.

Earlier, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany confirmed the information about getting 262 requests from Turkish diplomats and soldiers for asylum in Germany. Requests for asylum were submitted at different times after the coup attempt in Turkey in July 2016.

On the granting of refugee status to a Turkish military reported the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and the TV channels WDR and NDR. The exact number of the military are not reported.

On the night of July 16, 2016 in Turkey, a group of military rebels attempted a military coup. The main fighting took place in Ankara and Istanbul. Killed more than 240 Turkish citizens, more than 2 thousand people were injured, the rebellion was suppressed.

In October, the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany, Johannes Dimroth said that after the attempted coup in Turkey for asylum in Germany asked for 35 Turkish citizens with diplomatic passports. At the end of January it was reported that according to media reports, 40 Turkish military, serving in the German NATO bases, appealed to the authorities of Germany with a request for asylum.