European Commission President told a joke about the attack of Luxembourg to Russia

European Commission President told a joke about the attack of Luxembourg to Russia

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker with anecdote explained how he manages to communicate with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Juncker may 8, gave a lecture at the Academy of political studies in Bonn, reports the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. In his speech he particularly spoke about how he manages to communicate properly with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As an example, he told a joke.

To appease Putin, I always explain why Luxembourg has still not attacked Russia. The fact is that in our country not enough space for the number of prisoners of war.Jean-Claude Underglove Of The European Commission

Juncker himself is a native of Luxembourg — one of the smallest by area of the EU.

He joked and during the story about the relationship with China by comparing the country of Luxembourg, according to the Agency TASS. “Once the negotiations in China, I said Chinese side: “Dear friends, think that China and Luxembourg together account for a third of all mankind — then you will understand what it means, large and small,” — said the head of the European Commission.

Touched Juncker and election results in France. In particular, he warned the EU countries from the euphoria after the defeat of marine Le Pen. “The danger of populism has not yet been overcome. It will be tomorrow”, — he said.

Regarding the future of France under President Emmanuel macron, the Juncker advised the new authorities to carefully consider the budget reforms. According to him, in recent years, Paris spent a lot of money, but spent it not quite right. According to Juncker, the new President will need to pay special attention to the problem of high unemployment in France and slow economic growth.

Also the head of the European Commission spoke about the relations with the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, which Juncker discusses future Brexit. He called her “a tough lady”, which is not easy to negotiate.