Chechen authorities are ready to cooperate in the investigation into allegations of sexual minorities

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the Republic’s authorities are ready to cooperate with Federal authorities to verify the media reports on the situation of sexual minorities in the region, but no official statements about their harassment still has not been received.

“Leadership and law enforcement bodies of the Chechen Republic is ready to cooperate closely with the Commissioner for human rights under the President Tatiana Moskalkova, the General Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies to verify the media reports on the alleged harassment of homosexual persons”, – said Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya said that “this phenomenon is not typical for the Chechen people.” Kadyrov said that “the Chechen society is the phenomenon referred to as gay: people for thousands of years lived by other rules prescribed by the Almighty, dictated by the morals and ethics of relations between people”. “We have among the Chechens they (the representatives of sexual minorities) never happened. If only we are not talking about those who, not being a Chechen, it calls itself to get the opportunity to be on the West,” he said.

Kadyrov added that “the Commissioner for human rights in Chechnya, human rights activists with extensive experience, public organizations, heads of law enforcement agencies were asked to report incidents of harassment, of violence, if any, but statements on this account has still not been received”. He considers untenable the talk about the fact that people are afraid to address in law enforcement bodies. “It’s not, no one is intimidated, and it is impossible”, – said Kadyrov.

In Chechnya, the rule of law

According to the head of Chechnya, “if the subject in the West inflate for a long time, if it is given more attention than bloody conflicts, wars, epidemics, mass deaths from famine in Africa, violence against people and children, it really need some influential forces on a world scale”. “So we have a solid intention to work closely with Tatiana Moskalkova and law enforcement agencies of the country. We want to hear the truth. In Chechnya, the rule of law, anyone who violates it will be prosecuted, this should not be any doubt,” he said.

Kadyrov claims that “in Chechnya are interested to bring to Western politicians voicing this topic, including the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that all their statements on this subject are unfounded and related to the fact that these policies do not possess objective information”. “We have the impression that a number of politicians in the West, initially does not allow any other opinion and other conclusions on this issue. If they do are concerned about this issue responsibly say, no persecution, no, – he stressed. – If the West of us in the form of an ultimatum requires the adoption of rules that men marry men, women marry women, adopt children, and taught them the same, it is for our people is unacceptable”.

The head of Chechnya is convinced that the West is well aware of the fact that information about the persecution is wrong, “but used to say what is in their best interest and not what actually is”. He reminded that earlier the West “was granted refugee status and residence permits only to those who claimed to have fought against Federal forces, local authorities, consisted in illegal armed formations”. “They were open all borders, – said Kadyrov. – For anybody not a secret that many thousands of people were in the West, saying that they are Chechens, though, and as such was not, now repeats the same pattern again, plans receiving “Chechens” who do not even know where Chechnya is,” said he.