As Russia celebrates 72nd anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war

As Russia celebrates 72nd anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war

Traditionally, in major cities will hold military parades and ceremonial marches.

MOSCOW, may 9. /TASS/. Regions of Russia will celebrate the 72th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. In honor of the holiday across the country held military parades, processions, “Immortal regiment”, a memorable campaign. It is also planned to install a number of records in the memory of the winners.

Legendary tanks and new military equipment

Traditionally, in major cities will hold military parades and ceremonial marches.

The first will celebrate the Victory Day in the far East. So, on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Victory parade for the first time will participate launchers coastal missile complex “Bastion”. In Khabarovsk the parade will be attended by over 1.7 million people, 87 pieces of equipment, including 12 weapons of the great Patriotic war.

In Simferopol, which will be the center of the celebration of Victory Day in Crimea, in front of the audience, in particular, go launcher air defense systems s-300, fighting vehicles of jet system of volley fire “Grad-M”. The Victory parade in the hero City of Sevastopol will collect 1.3 thousand servicemen and 30 units of military equipment.

In Kaliningrad, a military convoy headed by the legendary T-34 tank, which took part in the assault of königsberg in April 1945.

“Immortal regiment” on the ground and in the air

Public action “Immortal regiment” will unite millions of people in hundreds of villages in the country. In some of them hope to break the record for number of participants and will expand the format of the event.

In Khabarovsk, the organizers expect that the procession will be joined by about 70 thousand inhabitants. First time here, will share “the Immortal squadron”, in which ten light aircraft will fly along the coastline of the Amur river, and on the fuselage of each aircraft is planned to place photos of military pilots, who were born, worked or served in the Khabarovsk region.

Seven parachutists in Maykop (Republic of Adygea) will make the jump with the portraits of 14 of the victims in the war, relatives in the vicinity of the Memorial of Glory.

In South Ossetia in the ranks of the “Immortal regiment” for the first time will carry signs with the names of 1659 missing on the battlefields of the great Patriotic war of the people of the Republic, whose graves were discovered by the search engines. The protesters in Volgograd for the first time will carry the portraits of soldiers, restored by students at the old photos and descriptions of relatives, and in Arkhangelsk, you will see 100 portraits of members of the Northern convoys.

The Immortal regiment March in Veliky Novgorod will be headed by a restored truck GAZ-MM, raised from the bottom of the river Msta few years ago on the site of the battle for the liberation of the city.

Records in honor of the winners

In the framework of the festive program in the country’s regions plan to set several national records.

For example, in the city of Zheleznovodsk of the Stavropol territory, the small triangles of cloth with names of war veterans now dolivayut the country’s largest blue handkerchief. Its long side will be approximately 16 meters.

Rally in Stavropol plan to collect most popular in Russia car convoy of 7 cars, they will all be stylized technique of the war years, or decorated with symbols of Victory Day.

Athletes from Ulan-Ude staged “Record Victory”: 15 participants, serially replacing each other, will perform 26 thousand 298 lifts 16 kg kettlebells — the number of peaceful postwar days after may 9, 1945.

Flypast over St. Petersburg

In Saint-Petersburg for the first time in the history of the city on the Victory Day will be held flypast, which will be attended by more than 40 planes and helicopters of tactical, military and transport aviation of the Western military district.

At 10:00 Moscow time on Palace square will pass over 100 pieces of equipment and will be held over 4 thousand soldiers. A day to honor veterans will be held a special launching ceremony of fountains in Peterhof — they toss up the music of the song “Victory Day”, which will be performed by the orchestra of the “Transfiguration”. Over a Large cascade of fireworks will be given, after which the sky will be the pilots “Nevsky aeroclub” which will show aerobatics over the Gulf of Finland.

Julia Samoylova sing in Sevastopol

The celebration of may 9 in the hero-City of Sevastopol will begin with a rally and laying flowers to the Memorial wall. The Museum-reserve “Chersonese” will be held a concert of the Mariinsky theatre. Towards evening on the promenade will host the “Rio Rita — the joy of Victory”: the townspeople in authentic costumes will dance to songs of the war years.

In the evening at the Nakhimov square there will be a concert which will be headlined by Russian singer Yulia Samoilova. She will perform in Sebastopol on the day of the first semi-final of song contest “Eurovision”, in which the representative of Russia is not involved because of the ban on entry to Kiev.

Tours on warships and in a place of glory

In many cities of Russia it will be possible to take a tour of the military facilities, to visit the memorial places of military glory, or hold a current small arms of times of the great Patriotic war.

In Murmansk and Severomorsk will be open some warships of the Northern fleet. Sailors conduct tourists on decks of ships and talk about their weaponry and equipment.

In Astrakhan it will be possible to visit three ships of the Caspian flotilla. The doors will be opened artillery ship “Volgodonsk”, the new rescue vessel-the tug and inshore diving boat.

In Karachay-Cherkess Republic for tourists, themed quests, quizzes and a trip to Goncharskii gorge, where in 1942 he was fighting for the Klukhori pass.

Retro parade and historical reconstruction

During the day in regions across the country held a large number of cultural and sporting events.

So in Kazan will be a parade of vintage cars, which will be attended by the exhibit of fire trucks on the chassis of the GAZ-51A.

In the settlements of the Nenets Autonomous district to carry out the action “Blockade bread”, in which volunteers will give everyone at the 125-gram piece of bread, baked according to recipe 1941.

About 120 participants military-historical clubs and enthusiasts rekonstruiruet in Kaliningrad the course of the assault of Fort “Frederick William III” in April 1945.

At the foot of Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd will open Mall of Russia. There were planted about 350 trees and shrubs. Alley in memory of the soldiers fallen in the battle of Stalingrad, again the geographical outline of the river Volga. It will frame the 85 trees that correspond to the number of regions of Russia.

Track races, relay races will be held in Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Penza, Petrozavodsk and other cities of the country. Will concludes celebrations with salutes and fireworks.

The weather will be capricious

Weather will not spoil the Russians on Victory Day: in almost all Federal districts forecasters of hydrometeorological centre of Russia expects the rain and sometimes even snow. The most significant precipitation is predicted in the Krasnodar and Stavropol edges.

In the North-West and the Volga region expected in the afternoon around 7-9 degrees above zero. In the North Central district of the thermometer will show about plus 6 degrees in the South — to plus 15 degrees. In the SFD regions the air warms up to plus 24 degrees. The same temperature will be in the North Caucasus.

In the North Ural and Siberian Federal districts is expected to be around 4 degrees above zero in the South — to plus 19 degrees. In the far East from minus 1 degree in the North – Eastern part up to plus 20 degrees in the South.