Another German soldier detained on suspicion of terrorism

Germany arrested another soldier suspected of terrorism. 27-year-old Maximilian T. is allegedly an accomplice taken into custody in late April, a soldier of the Bundeswehr 28-year-old Franco A.. this publication reports the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

Another arrest was made on Tuesday, may 9, in the city of Kehl (Baden-württemberg). According to information from the Göttinger Tageblatt, Maximilian T. A. and Franco were coworkers and was friendly relations. Also the publication claims that Maximilian T. is the author of the so-called list of death, in which, inter alia, included the names of former German President Joachim gauck and Minister of justice Heiko Maas. Another accomplice of the attackers, according to investigators, was a student of Mathias F. from Offenbach, he also detained.

Franco A. was detained in Bavaria on April 27. Together with a group of associates he suspected of planning a terrorist attack, the victims of which, in particular, could become refugees. The investigators believe that the soldier could act out of nationalist convictions. It is known that in January of this year, he hid the gun in the bathroom of the Vienna airport. The weapon was soon discovered by the Austrian police, which allowed to trace Franco A. and Matias, f..

Thus it was possible to establish that the soldiers of the Bundeswehr 2015, posing as one Syrian refugee was granted asylum in Germany, hiding the presence of German citizenship. According to one version, he was going to attack and throw the gun at the crime scene and fingerprint analysis on the gun would convince the investigation that the attack was the work of migrants from Syria.

Then, on may 3, it became known that German investigators have exposed a cell of neo-Nazis in the armed forces of the country. Was detained five soldiers (likely collaborators Franco A.), and searched the barracks in the municipality of Illkirch-Graffenstaden in the North-East of France. There was found a crate of assault rifles, which are painted a swastika and a poster with soldiers of the Wehrmacht in time of national socialism. On the wall were the letters HH (the abbreviation of greetings to the German Nazis).