With the collapse of the inflatable castle in Spain killed 6-year-old girl

As a result of collapse a bouncy castle in one of the restaurants of the Spanish city of Girona killed 6-year-old girl. Another six children were injured, two of them are in serious condition, reports El Pais.

The design of the castle was installed two months ago at the restaurant Caldes de Malavella. The height of the attraction was about 40 meters.

As the newspaper notes, at some point, the visitors heard a loud Bang. Ran into the street, they saw that children were thrown from the castle at a distance of from 10 to 20 meters.

The cause of the incident becomes clear.

7 may in the Turkish city of Konya 10 people were injured as a result of rupture of the rope at the attraction “Tower of adrenaline.” The mechanism raised 17 visitors to the highest point. Then stall quickly went downstairs, but instead of smoothly to land, it fell sharply on the metal platform because of a snapped cable. The maximum height of the carousel — 25 meters, the cable broke at a distance of two meters from the ground. The victims were taken to the city hospital.