Two explosions thundered on the road to the “Saur-Grave” before passing Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko

Two explosions thundered on the road to the memorial complex “Saur-Grave” in the Mining district of Donetsk region shortly before the motorcade of the head of DND Alexander Zakharchenko. About it the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

He said that no one was injured, the section of the highway is closed.

“Saur-Grave” had to pass events to commemorate the 72th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war.

The memorial complex was opened in 1967 on the top of the mound was raised observation deck and a monument to Soviet soldiers. In 2014 at the “Saur-Grave” fierce fighting occurred, which resulted in the monument received significant damage.