The leader of the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners was caught eating candy

The leader of the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners was caught eating candy

MOSCOW, may 8 — RIA Novosti. Management of prisons of Israel has published a video which shows how one of the organizers of a mass hunger strike among Palestinian prisoners Marwan Barghouti, eats a variety of sweets, according to the newspaper “gaarets”.

About a thousand Palestinians in Israeli prisons, carried out an indefinite hunger strike, demanding the improvement of conditions of detention. The organizer of the hunger strike was one of the leaders of the ruling Palestinian Fatah movement, Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences on charges of involvement in terrorist acts since the “second intifada” — anti-Israel uprising of the century. Despite a dozen years spent behind bars, he remains one of the most popular Palestinian politicians, regularly be elected to high party positions and even mentioned among the possible successors of President Mahmoud Abbas.

According to the newspaper, Barghouti twice since the beginning of the strike was captured by CCTV cameras while eating cookies and candies. Published records show him taking food from a hiding place in the bathroom, looks around to make sure no one sees him, and then eats sweets. To destroy evidence, Barghouti was hiding the wrappers from sweets and washed my hands and face.

According to the newspaper, entry was made in the Kishon prison, where Barghouti was taken after beginning a hunger strike. Israeli authorities believe Palestinian leader uses an inmate for selfish political purposes.

As we have said, the hunger strike is not related to conditions of detention, and is connected exclusively with desire Barghouti to strengthen its status, to prepare for the departure of Abu Mazen (the alias of the head of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas — ed.).Gilad Urbanministry internal security of Israel

He added that Barghouti “cynically uses” prisoners “will pay a high price” for the hunger strike.

The Bureau of prisons did not specify how the food enters the chamber Barghouti.