The court demanded that Russia $ 2.3 million for the use of the building in Warsaw

The building of the MFA of Russia

A court in Poland has demanded from the Russian side to pay 8.9 million zlotys ($2.3 million) for the use of the diplomatic building located in Bobrowiecka in Warsaw. On Monday, may 8, TASS reported the press Secretary of the court Dorothy Trautman.

According to the state exchequer and the mayor of the Polish capital, Russia has used the property without a contract in the period from 2009 to 2015. Trautman noted that the decision of the court the amount of the debt should be recovered with interest. At the same time, the verdict is not final, it can be challenged in the next two weeks.

RIA Novosti on its part reports that the Respondent on court session was not.

The Agency notes that in early April the district court in Warsaw ordered Russia to pay about two million dollars for the use of the building on the street of Kielce. Earlier also it was reported that Poland is seeking to transfer its ownership of the building on the street Jan III Sobieski, where was located the hotel of Soviet diplomats (the object is not used). At the end of October last year, the district court in Warsaw this requirement was supported.

In the Russian Embassy stated that such issues should be discussed during bilateral negotiations with the ministries of foreign Affairs, and submitting them to the court is unacceptable.

The issue of property was up in the Polish-Russian relations in 2015. In February of that year, the arbitration court of St. Petersburg satisfied the claim for eviction of Consulate General of Poland from occupied buildings for debts in more than 74 million rubles. The next day the authorities of the Polish Gdansk demanded that the Russian Consulate General to pay the debts of the lease payments for the last 10 years, amounting to 2.3 million zloty (approximately 41.6 million rubles at the exchange rate).