Norwegian politicians have proposed a ban on religious circumcision for children under 16

The Norwegian Progress party voted to ban the ritual circumcision of children under 16 years of age. On Monday, may 8, reports The Independent.

The party took the initiative during the annual Congress, which was held last weekend. The authors of the ideas said that circumcision causes the children mental and physical damage as well as constitute a gross violation of human rights.

In addition, it was approved the proposal to ban headscarves in public schools.

Bill called prejudicial to minorities. The local Jewish community considered this initiative to be anti-Semitic. The head of the European Jewish Association Rabbi Menachem Margolin (Rabbi Menachem Margolin) has written a letter to Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu with a request to forbid the authorities of European countries to accept violating the rights of the Jewish rules at the legislative level.

The leader of the progressives SIV Jensen (Siv Jensen) has denied saying that the idea against minorities, and stressed that her party has always defended Israel.

In December 2016, the initiative to ban religious circumcision of minors was made by Danish physicians. In their opinion, the operation in childhood prevents the self-selection of religious and cultural identity.

In Judaism, circumcision (Brit Milah) is considered the symbol of the contract between God and the people of Israel. For babies it is held on the eighth day after birth, to come to the faith of the people can be performed at any age. Among Islamic scholars there is no consensus about the obligatory character of circumcision in some areas of his conduct, and for women, in others this procedure even for men is only desirable.