Mikhalkov called art right on his statement about the award, the Yeltsin center

Nikita Mikhalkov

Director Nikita Mikhalkov called his statement regarding awarding of Yeltsin-the centre for European award Kenneth Hudson the opinions of the citizen of Russia, and how it was filed, is their artistic right. On Monday, may 8, reports “Interfax”.

“As we all know, and according to the Yeltsin center, we live in a free democratic country in which any citizen may Express any point for any reason. I am a citizen of my country and I artist Russian, lived all his life in Russia. Therefore, what I Express, I Express as a citizen and how I do it, it’s my artistic right,” — said Mikhalkov.

He also called for thinking about why European award received by the Yeltsin center. In his opinion, due to the fact that the Museum is “an ideology acceptable to those who (…) us announces sanctions”. “That is, than actually doing the Yeltsin center today — distorts the history or falsifying the facts, or they are just hiding,” said the Director, noting that it says “as a citizen”.

“But as an artist I use the metaphor, and it is very simple — the Yeltsin center receives award for service, contrary to the interests of our country. Did the policemen received awards not for the same thing? After all, even according to the decree of the king of Prussia Wilhelm II, the Iron cross was to be awarded without distinction of rank and status, including citizens of the occupied countries, for merits for the benefit of the German Armed forces and the benefit of their allies, for the service against the interests of their country. That, in fact, today we see in the work of the Yeltsin centre. So — nothing personal, Lord! Just the facts”, — said Mikhalkov.

The statement of the Director about the similarity of the awarded by the Yeltsin center of the award with the award of the Third Reich sounded the 7th of may the radio station “Moscow Says”. May 8, the Museum apologized to his European colleagues.

Award Kenneth Hudson in the competition “European Museum of the year” for his notable achievements in strengthening the social role of the Museum was awarded on 6 may.