Lavrov noted the failure of plans to include Ukraine in NATO

NATO is trying to establish a dialogue with Russia after the plans of the Alliance to include the Ukraine failed. On Sunday, may 7, Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has declared in interview to TV channel “Mir”.

“NATO members are offended that their project is in full absorption of Ukraine into its zone of influence and the inclusion of Ukraine into North-Atlantic Alliance and the integration of Crimea into their plans for the military encirclement of the Russian Federation, these plans have failed,” the diplomat said. According to him, because of this NATO members “froze everything that we had in common, including in the fight against terrorism”.

Lavrov said that now the Alliance members are forced to overcome the resistance of the “aggressive minority” in attempts to resume dialogue with Moscow. The Minister added that Russia is ready to cooperate with NATO, but “to speak only on the basis of equality and mutual respect of interests”.

6 may German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that NATO must demonstrate a willingness to defend one side, but not to break off the thread of dialogue with Russia. Earlier,in February, confidence in the need for dialogue with Moscow was expressed by the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.