Jean-Marie Le Pen gave his opinion about the reasons for defeat daughters

Jean-Marie Le Pen

The founder of the French party “national front” Jean-Marie Le Pen, later excluded from it, said that the defeat of his daughter marine Le pen in the presidential elections was due to its position for exit from the Euro zone and the European Union. About it reports Reuters.

“I think we should talk to France about the real problems, demographic problems, problems of mass immigration, he said on radio RTL.

Also, in his opinion, one of those mainly responsible for the defeat of the candidate from “National front”, was the Deputy leader of the party Florian Philippot.

After his defeat marine Le Pen said that the national front should be “restarted”, and Philippot said that the new party should be called differently.

At the end of last may 7, the second round of the elections, the leader of movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron after counting 95 percent of ballots gaining of 65.48 percent of the vote, Le Pen gets 34.52 percent.