In the Duma proposed to simplify the separate collection of waste for the sake of saving

The state Duma has prepared the bill according to which the garbage collection will be carried out separately across the country. Thus the authorities are planning to save some money people, reports on Monday, March 8, RT.

The initiators of this were the Chairman of Committee on ecology and environmental protection Olga Timofeeva and her Deputy Vladimir Panov. They proposed amendments to the Federal law “On wastes of production and consumption”.

According to the channel, currently overpaying for waste removal up to 20 thousand rubles. It is also reported that after the innovation managers of the company will be able to sell secondary raw materials to processing plants.

Gentry said that at the moment the collection of waste must be licensed. “The amendments exclude from the definition individuals, is done in order to be able legally to organize a separate waste collection from residents homes,” he said.

The MP also stressed that the acquisition of a license for the installation of special containers for homeowners associations and management companies unprofitable operators. However, the innovation will allow to simplify this procedure. “They will not spend the money to install bins for separate waste collection. For them the logic is simple: the more we pick up garbage from an apartment house, the more money we earn as residents pay according to the standards,” concluded gentry.