Hollande has named the date of transfer to the Macron presidential powers

French leader Francois Hollande said that the transfer of powers to the elected President of the Emmanuel Macron will be held on Sunday, may 14. It is reported by Le Figaro newspaper.

The current head of state noted that it is always ready to help his successor, RIA Novosti reported. “He was elected, he is the President and he now has due to I have obtained the experience and what we did together, to continue their journey,” — said Hollande.

Answering the question has not betrayed his macron, who had resigned from the post of economy Minister in the government of socialists in 2016, and organized their own movement “Forward!”, Hollande said: “No, he did what he thought was needed, he was next to me, then continued on his way alone”.

Presidential mandate Hollande expires may 14 at midnight, said Le Figaro.

May 7, France was the second round of presidential elections. Makron got 66.1 percent of the votes, while his rival, the representative of the “National front” marine Le Pen — 33.9 percent, reports BFMTV. Three million French people in protest have voted with a blank ballot, and one million of their spoil.