French police detained the employee of RT

French authorities detained and later released the employee RT Charlotte Dubno. This was reported on the channel’s website.

According to Dubno, it was in the Eastern part of Paris and were engaged in covering protests related to the presidential elections in France. One of the groups of protesters separated from the main crowd, and the reporter followed her. In this moment she was detained by the guards.

“Police caught a small group of people, separating them from the main. After that, they checked their documents and bags. This happened to me, they saw my press card. After all the checks they put us in a van and drove to the police station,” said Dubno.

According to her, police confused a journalistic outfit, which she took for lighting demonstrations. “They asked what’s in my bag, I said that I was a journalist and cover the protests, so I got a mask against tear gas,” she said. The journalist explained that it is basic equipment to protect them in the process. However, the police felt that it was a very unusual thing for a journalist.

After questioning, the police briefly returned to Dubno phone, but seeing that it with it, gives an interview to his TV channel, he demanded it back.

After some time, the journalist was released without charge. In this case the police did not explain Dubno where it is. Out of the unknown area, she managed thanks to the hints of those who were released along with it.

In Paris on Sunday evening, 7 may, clashes took place between demonstrators and police. After the crowd began throwing towards the police, bottles, they used tear gas. The demonstrators chanted slogans against the fascists and capitalists.

France was the second round of presidential elections. According to the interior Ministry, the leader of movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron has received of 66.06 percent of the votes, while his rival, the representative of the “National front” marine Le Pen from 33.94 percent.