Father Le Pen said the reasons for the defeat of his daughter in the election

Father Le Pen said the reasons for the defeat of his daughter in the election

The founder of the French party “national front” and the father of the candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie said that the presidential campaign of his daughter was undermined because of the failure position from the Euro and membership of France in the EU. He stated on radio RTL, Reuters reports.

Jean-Marie noted that, in his opinion, it was necessary to speak with France about her real problems, namely the “demographic problems and the problems of mass immigration”.

Jean-Marie Le Pen also accused the acting head of the National front, Florian Philippot to lose his daughter in the election.

What position on the Euro prevented marine Le Pen to win the election, also said her niece maréchal Le Pen, who is the MP from the “National front”. According to her, the position of Le Pen on the Euro was not understood by the French voters.

“Marine Le Pen rightly said, although it was later that abandoning the Euro was not a precondition of our economic policy and that it planned to hold a referendum,” — said in a broadcast on France 2 Marechal Le Pen, Reuters reports.

Marine Le Pen after his defeat in the presidential election said that her party needs to be reformed.

“National front” should be fully update themselves to meet the expectations of the people of France, — said Le Pen supporters. She noted that plans to create a “new political force”. The acting leader of the party Philippot in turn, said that the party will no longer be known as “national front”.

In early January, marine Le Pen urged to abandon the Euro and move to settlements in a single settlement currency ECU (European Currency Unit), which was used in the European Union in the years 1979-1998. At the end of April the candidate in presidents of France from the “National front” stated that the single European currency is a “burden” for France. She also noted that the “Euro is dead”, and said that if she becomes President of France, you can “control the currency” of the country.

In early may, Le Pen said that the EU wants the collapse and offered to create an alternative to Union organization. According to her, to create a new Union, it is necessary to broke the old one. However, she admitted that the new organization could be called as old European Union.

Sunday, may 7, France was the second round of presidential elections. According to their results, the winner was the candidate from the centrist party Emmanuel macron. As reported in the Twitter of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France, he got 61.7 percent of the vote. For marine Le Pen voted 38.3% of the French. Macron will become the youngest President of France. On inauguration day he will be 39 years old.