Engineers have proposed a program that evaluates password strength

Engineers have proposed a program that evaluates password strength

American security professionals have developed a program that is able to evaluate how complex the proposed password.

Report on the development of the algorithm presented at the conference CHI 2017, which runs from 6 to may 11 in Denver. Also available in the demo version of the program.

In addition to the reliability evaluation algorithm gives advice on how to change the password or the couple of login and password to make them more secure. “Instead of just to inform you: “Your password is bad”, our program (we think it is useful) says, “That’s why he’s bad and here’s how you can make it better”,” — said one of the creators of the algorithm, the Professor of University Carnegie-Mellon Nicholas Christine.

To evaluate the performance of the program, the developers asked for 4.5 thousand people to create a password with it. “The main result was that the presence of feedback really changes the reliability of the resulting password is compared with a simple rating, good or bad password,” added co-author, Professor, University of Chicago Blaise Ur.

On the basis of the programs of neural network that is trained on millions of existing passwords. About the same learning database, are many burglars. The program analyzes which features of the password can be the weak point during the attack, and recommends not to use them.