U.S. police shot dead a teenager with a pneumatic pistol

Police of the city of San Diego (California, USA) shot and killed a 15-year-old. In a press release posted in the official Twitter-account of the guards, it is noted that two patrol officers arrived on a call to the Parking lot of the school Torrey pines, which was suspicious.

They approached the young man, when he pulled out a gun and pointed at one of the officers. The police demanded several times from having to drop the weapon. After the young man obeyed, both officers fired several shots at him. The guards had wounded them first aid, but the young man died in hospital. Later it turned out that he was armed with an air gun.

Preliminary investigation showed that the person who called the police, and was the young man. He studied in the same school.

In February, California police arrested two teenagers who allegedly wanted to arrange a mass shooting in school. 16-year-old secondary school students “was arrested for conspiracy to commit a crime”.