The oldest climber in the world died trying to conquer Everest

Min Bahadur Sherkhan

The oldest in the world the climber Min Bahadur Sherkhan (Min Bahadur Sherchan) from Nepal died on may 6 in the base camp while trying once again to climb Everest and become the oldest conqueror of mount. On Saturday, may 6, Reuters reported, citing the head of the mountaineering Association of Nepal, ang Tsering Sherpa.

According to him, Sher Khan died on the side of a mountain at the age of 85 years from congestive heart failure. The Nepal tourism Ministry has confirmed the death of a climber, but was unable to give more details, citing poor communication with the camp.

Nepal has set the minimum age at 16 years to climb to the highest point on earth (8848 meters), but there is no maximum limit. Currently the oldest climber to conquer Everest, an 80-year-old Japanese, Yuichiro Miura (Yuichiro Miura).

30 April on mount Everest killed a well-known Swiss climber, 40-year-old waley Stack (Ueli Steck). He was on top of Nuptse for acclimatization, after which he planned to climb the highest peak in the world in may, using a completely new route. For their endurance and dedication of the Stack is nicknamed the Swiss machine. He set several records for ultrafast single climb classic routes. In 2015, he conquered all 82 Alpine peak above four thousand meters in 62 days.

In the history of the conquest of Everest on its slopes killed more than 250 people.