Museum Yeltsin won the prize of the award “European Museum of the year”

Museum Yeltsin won the prize of the award “European Museum of the year”

The Museum of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin in Yekaterinburg was awarded the prize named after the founder of the award “European Museum of the year” Kenneth Hudson. The diploma level of outstanding multimedia and events of the Museum.

Opened in the Ekaterinburg Museum of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has received one of the three main prizes of the award “European Museum of the year” (EMYA) is the award named after the founder’s award Kenneth Hudson. This is stated in the message on the Museum’s website.

In addition, the Museum Yeltsin was among 46 nominees for the award during the anniversary, the 40th awards ceremony EMYA, which was held in Zagreb, Croatia. In addition to the Yeltsin center in the list of nominees also includes the Museum-creative cluster “Kolomna Posad.” Winner of 2017 became the Museum of Ethnography (Geneva, Switzerland). Special thanks were noted Silesian Museum (Katowice, Poland).

“The Museum produces a convincing impression of a design of their exposition, an outstanding level of multimedia, vibrant public program of lectures and seminars, well-organized temporary exhibitions… Yeltsin Centre is both a memorial and a major political figure, and chronicle dramatic episodes remaining in the memory of contemporaries. It encourages visitors to make their own conclusions about the history of modern Russia”, — stated in the diploma.

Museum Yeltsin became the first Russian Museum, received the prize Kenneth Hudson, the report says the Museum

At the end of 2016, around the role of the Museum in public life, a discussion, an occasion for which was given by the Director Nikita Mikhalkov. On 9 December the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council, he said that the Museum “daily injections of destruction of national consciousness of children.” The Director proposed to adjust the work program of the Museum, to show another point of view. He stated that we need a policy that will inspire the children to understand that “the country in which they live, is a great country”.

The widow of Boris Yeltsin, Naina called the words of Mikhalkov “false” and has no relationship to the Yeltsin centre and its activities. “What is striking is that he for the past few months spreading lies about how the history of the country in the Museum of the first President of Russia did not hesitate to pull out of context the elements of the exposition, label it, and directly to insult people who in those years worked for the good of our country,” the statement said Naina Yeltsin.

Joined the discussion and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who opposed the “endless” escalation of controversy surrounding the Yeltsin centre. During the big press conference the President said that he met with Nikita Mikhalkov and one of the founders of the Yeltsin centre Valentin Yumashev and Yeltsin’s daughter Tatyana Dyachenko.

Putin noted then that the issue of Yeltsin center was discussed with them, he added that there is nothing special in this discussion. “Someone likes, someone has a more liberal views on current events, some more conservative and traditional,” he said.

14 Mar 2017 Putin awarded Naina Yeltsin the order of St. Catherine. On this day, the widow of the first President of Russia at the age of 85 years.

As reported on the website of the Yeltsin centre, EMYA was conceived as a competition for Museum of innovation and new projects, Hudson has established it in 1977. The award jury included Museum professionals, journalists, designers. “The focus of the judges is not a Museum collection, and their interpretation and reporting, working with audiences as well as foreign visitors,” — said in the Yeltsin centre.