Mikhalkov compared prize Boris Yeltsin center with the award of the Third Reich

Nikita Mikhalkov

Russian film Director Nikita Mikhalkov said that the acquisition of the Yekaterinburg Yeltsin center award “European Museum of the year” is comparable with getting “some of Cocobolo” awards of the Wehrmacht. On Sunday, may 7, according to radio station “Moscow Says”.

“I am absolutely not surprised that the Yeltsin center received the award behalf of Kenneth Hudson. I’m not surprised and react to it is exactly the same as if I learned that a citizen of the Soviet Union, some Cocobolo, became a policeman, received the iron cross of the Wehrmacht”, — said the Director.

In December last year Mikhalkov has accused the Yeltsin center in the destruction of the national identity of hundreds of children. In defense of the institution was made by the widow of the first President Naina Yeltsin, in response, the Director published an open letter, where he tried to explain his position.

“The presidential center of Boris Yeltsin” was opened in Yekaterinburg in November 2015. It was conceived as a socio-political organization that promotes the rule of law, the study and development of Institute of presidency in Russia. It is a Museum, library, archive, educational and children’s centres, and exhibition halls.

The Wehrmacht is the armed forces of Nazi Germany 1935-1945 years. Iron cross — an award for military merit, established in 1813.