Message about cancellation of marine parade from the American destroyer called the fake

The Baltic fleet has sufficient forces to neutralize the threat posed by ships of any potential enemy and an alleged cancellation of the naval parade in St. Petersburg May 9 are fake. On Sunday, may 7, RIA Novosti said the head of the fleet support movement (MEDEF) captain first rank Mikhail Nenashev.

“This message is true, as they say now — a fake local journalists, because the Baltic fleet, land forces, aerospace forces operating in this direction, it is enough forces and means to cool the ardor of any ship or group of ships of the potential enemy”, — he stressed.

According to Nenasheva, the parade will take place, but the number of participating ships will be reduced. He explained that this is due to organizational issues. “The initiative to increase the traditional number of ships participating in the naval parade on the Victory Day, is not found from all support. The number of ships 9 may be the traditional up to 10 units,” — said the captain.

Earlier, on 7 may “Fontanka” reported that the ships of the Baltic fleet, has just arrived in St. Petersburg to participate in the parade on May 9 left the waters of the Neva river. According to the newspaper, the armed squadron embarked on the RAID the island of Kotlin, with the Corvette “Resistant” has launched a set of defense.

According to the author, the reason for such manipulation lies in the fact that the American destroyer USS Carney approached the inland waters of Russia for the missile attack. The defense Ministry this information has not commented. The “Fontanka” referring to the informed sources in the unnamed mass media, stated the fact of the lifting of the naval parade on 9 May.