Le Pen and macron voted in the presidential election

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel macron voted in the second round of the presidential elections in France. This was reported on the website of the newspaper Le Monde, which is an online broadcast.

The candidate from the party “popular front” came to the polling station in Henin-beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), macron voted in the commune of Tuk (the Department of Pas-de-Calais).

After the vote, the leader of movement “Forward!” started the communication with journalists and supporters, Le Pen chose almost immediately to leave the site.

Two hours after the start of the election their vote gave the incumbent President Francois Hollande, arrived in the city of Tulle (he was the mayor of this settlement between 2001 and 2008, approx. “Of the tape.ru”)

The voting started at 8:00 local time (9:00 GMT) and will last until 19:00 (20:00 GMT).

In the first round, which was held on April 23, macron scored 24,01% of the votes. Le Pen is 21.3 percent.