Ireland began the investigation in relation to Stephen fry

Ireland began the investigation in relation to Stephen fry

MOSCOW, may 6 — RIA Novosti. The authorities of the Republic of Ireland have begun an investigation against British actor Stephen fry after one of the viewers complained about the blasphemous comments of a celebrity live on Irish channel RTE.

It is reported that such statements fry was made in the program The Meaning of Life (“Meaning of life”) in February 2015. The host asked the actor the question of what he would ask God to present themselves before the heavenly gates.

How could you create a world in which so much suffering? It’s very, very angry. Why should I respect a capricious, evil, stupid God who created a world so full of injustice and pain?Stephen Fry

At the same time, as reported by the radio and television “bi-Bi-si”, the actor later said that “did not offend any particular religion.”

In 2009, Ireland adopted a blasphemy law. It provides for the penalty of a fine in the amount up to 25 thousand euros. As noted by the Irish newspaper Independent, since the law came into force and still there is no known case of blasphemy was transferred to the court. According to the source Newspapers, suing fry “very unlikely.”