India decided in 15 years to switch completely to electric cars

Demonstration of electric vehicle Mahindra Rev in Bangalore

In India are preparing a plan of moving to electric vehicles. About it reports Reuters.

The Agency has examined a draft version of the project, which is developing the national Institute for transformation of India headed by Prime Minister Narendra Mori. The document contains a 15-year plan, whose implementation is expected to begin this year. It involves a complete rejection of conventional cars by 2032.

Among other things, the proposal recommends the reduction of taxes and loan interest for the purchase of electric vehicles and electricity costs for taxi companies, to restrict the sale of vehicles on hydrocarbon fuels and put a tax on their sales by building a network of charging stations.

According to the plan, in 2018 India will have to earn the state battery factory and open exchange of batteries. The authors of the document expect that the cost of electric vehicles and conventional vehicles will be equal in 2025 due to the subsidies and other measures undertaken by the authorities of the country.

In April it was reported that in the spring of 2018 in Primorsky Krai will begin construction of a factory of electric vehicles.