In Russia celebrated the radio Day

In Russia celebrated the radio Day

In Russia, may 7, the Day of radio. The basis of the festival formed part of the activities of the outstanding Russian physicist and inventor Alexander Stepanovich Popov (1859-1905).

May 7 (April 25, old style) 1895 at the historic meeting of the physical Department of the Russian physico-chemical society in St. Petersburg University Popov demonstrated it created the world’s first spark wireless receiving-transmitting radio system.

It was suitable for the reliable exchange of information signals. In Russia this fact was adopted as the starting point of radio.

First an irregular transmission radio broadcasting in Russia was carried out in 1919 from the Nizhny Novgorod radio laboratory, and in 1920 — from an experienced broadcast stations in Moscow, Kazan and other cities.

In 1929 from Moscow began regular broadcasting — broadcasting of radio programmes in foreign countries. In the 1970-ies of the radio covered all territory of the country: the transfer was conducted in more than 60 languages of the peoples of the USSR and 70 languages of the peoples of other countries.

To celebrate the birthday of radio began at once.

The first truly large-scale solemn and was marked by only thirty-year anniversary in radio may 1925

However, the official annual public holiday Day, the radio became in 1945, the fiftieth anniversary of the invention of radio, reports TASS.

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