Immediately after the vote in the presidential election dead 89-year-old Frenchman

89-year-old Frenchman died of a heart attack immediately after put the ballot in the ballot box in the city of Draveil. On Sunday, may 7, reports Le Parisien.

A man with his son came to the polling station in the town of Draveil 25 kilometers South of Paris. Immediately after the execution of his civic duty, he lost consciousness and died shortly thereafter. As it became known later, the cause of death was a heart attack.

Currently, the polling station closed.

Sunday in France in the second round of the presidential elections. It involves the candidate from the party “national front” marine Le Pen and the leader of movement “Forward!” Emmanuel Macron. The voting started at 8:00 local time (9:00 GMT) and will last until 19:00 (20:00 GMT).

By noon local time (13:00 GMT) the turnout was 28.23 percent. In the first round, the turnout in the middle of the day amounted to 28,54 percent of registered voters.

In the first round, which was held on April 23, macron scored 24,01 percent of the vote, Le Pen — 21.3 percent.