France has banned keeping dolphins in captivity

France has banned keeping dolphins in captivity

The French Minister for the protection of the environment ségolène Royal decree has been issued prohibiting the keeping in captivity of dolphins and orcas. The new rules also prohibit direct contact between dolphins and the public in the entertainment dolphinariums.

4 may the Minister signed a softer version of the law, which has introduced strict rules in breeding dolphins in captivity, however, the new version, published on Saturday, forbid it entirely, except for bottlenose dolphins and killer whales in authorized by the government of the aquariums.

As noted in the Ministry, Royal decided to tighten the rules, particularly after he learned about a common practice where captive dolphins give sedatives to calm them.

Environmental advocates welcomed the new law: in a joint statement, the five NGOs involved in the protection of the sea, he called “a historic breakthrough for France”.

The dissatisfied owners of dolphinariums. The law will cost them money, as it increases in two-and-a-half times the minimum dimensions of pools, which must contain the dolphins. It also contains a ban on the use in swimming pools chlorinated water and physical contact between animals and visitors.

In the long term, said the head of a major French Dolphinarium AFP, the law means that such places are likely to disappear completely.