Femen held a protest in front of the polling station, marine Le Pen

In the French town of Henin-beaumont (Pas-de-Calais) movement Femen staged a protest against marine Le Pen, one of the candidates for the French presidential election. Photos from the event published in Twitter-account movement on Sunday, may 7.

Five activists Topless climbed the scaffolding outside the Church opposite the polling station where they will vote Le Pen (at the time of publication of news, Le Pen visited the site — “approx. Tape.ru”), and unfurled a banner with the inscription “marine power, Marianne in despair.”

Marianne — the symbol of the French revolution, symbolizing freedom and intelligence.

FEMEN (@Femen_France)
07 may 2017, 06:09

In the hands of the protesters were burning fire, and on the heads — multicolored wreaths. One of the women waving French flag with the emblem of Femen.

The newspaper Figaro reported that the activists was detained by police after she came down from forests.

April 23, during the first round of the presidential election, Femen activists in masks, marine Le Pen, her father Jean-Marie, Bashar al-Assad, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, with inscriptions on the naked parts of the body “team Marin” broke one of the polling stations Henin-Beaumont and tried to disrupt the vote.

For the victory in the second round of presidential elections in France, which takes place on may 7, fighting Le Pen scored in the first round of 21.3 percent of the vote, and former economy Minister Emmanuel macron put forward by the movement “Forward!”. In April, he scored 24,01% of the votes.