Charlie Hebdo portrayed Le Pen and the Macron in the form of dogs

Charlie Hebdo portrayed Le Pen and the Macron in the form of dogs

French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published on its website a caricature of the presidential candidates of the country’s marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron in the form of dogs. The picture appeared in the section “picture of the day”.

The leader of movement “Forward!” is drawn in the image of a poodle, who allegedly said “Marin!” It runs for a little French bulldog with the face of the former head of the National front, with the word “woof?” The inscription accompanying the picture reads: “macron at the Elysee Palace.”

#CharlieHebdo released a new cartoon mocking #EmmanuelMacron as a poodle, #MarineLePen as a bulldog. #France #MacronGate #Election

— Russian Voice (@rus_voice) may 6, 2017.

This is not the first image of the weekly on the topic of elections in France. April 25, Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of Him and his wife Bridget, who tells his wife: “Put on your waterproof jacket, my kitten.”

The second round of presidential elections in France will take place on may 7

In the first round, which was held on 23 April, the struggle for the presidency continue the candidate of the movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron, who scored 24,01% of the votes, marine Le Pen, supported by 21.3% of voters.

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