At the memorial cemetery of Rzhev found the bomb during the war

At Rzhev the memorial cemetery “city of peace and reconciliation” in the Tver region during the preparation for the ceremony of burial of the remains of Soviet soldiers found a 50-kilogram aerial bomb of times of the great Patriotic war. On Sunday, may 7, according to the website of EMERCOM of Russia in the region.

According to the press center of the Ministry, the area is being cordoned off by police and members of the fire and rescue unit, the expected arrival of the mine rescue service.

On a place of detection of bomb had to be buried the remains of more than 200 Soviet soldiers who found the expedition “Rzhev. Kalinin front”. Among the victims were soldiers and officers during the great Patriotic war there are those who until that time had been missing. Their names installed.

On 20 April it was reported that a worker from Uzbekistan was blown up in Volgograd region on the shell during the Second world war, which he found and decided to scrap it for parts.