A nun in Argentina, was arrested for aiding and abetting in the molestation of deaf boys

In Argentina, a Catholic nun arrested on suspicion of aiding the priests in the sexual abuse of students with hearing impairments and youth of the boarding school in luján de Cuyo (province of Mendoza). Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, 42-year-old Japanese woman Kumiko Kosaka (Kosaka Kumiko), a nun of the Roman Catholic Church, is also accused of ill-treatment and physical violence against the students of the Institute Dies. (el Instituto Provolo). It is noted that because of the peculiarities of the development of other students in the school could hear what was happening in the bathrooms and the basement of the building.

“I’m innocent,” said the nun during the arrest. At the moment, Kumiko is in a women’s prison. At least 24 students made accusations against her. It is noted that sexual violence was committed by two Catholic priest.

As reported Daily Mail in November last year police arrested five people on charges of sexual abuse of deaf children at the Institute Dies.: two priests, a caretaker, a reader and gardener.

Institute Antonio Dies. Catholic Junior school for deaf children, based in Verona, Italy.

In August of last year it became known about punishing a Catholic priest for rape of 20 boys. Church officials knew about his activities but did not report it to the police, forcing him to read the prayers.