The Russian foreign Ministry asked to protect Russian diplomats in the United States


RIA Novosti

Konstantin Kosachev has sent to the foreign Ministry over the work of U.S. diplomats in Russia. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs, wrote in his account in Facebook.

“The unwritten law of diplomacy – reciprocity of the reflectivity and the conditions of work of the embassies in the respective countries – will not go away. In this regard, sent a request to the MFA of Russia on the working conditions of American diplomats in our country and on the measures to be taken in order to prevent discrimination of Russian disetronic in the United States,” Kosachev wrote.

Kosachev added that he sent a request due to the fact that the House of representatives passed a bill that increases the control over the activities of employees of the Russian diplomatic mission. Kosachev called the decision “another “deterrent” response Russophobic part of the Congress to the emerging progress in Russian-American dialogue”. In accordance with the provisions of the law will be a regime of prior notification of all travel in the United States accredited Russian diplomats and Consulate staff. 3 may the head of the FBI James Comey called Russia “the biggest threat of all on Earth.” His statement the Commissioner made at the hearing in the Senate. Komi added that the Russian authorities continue to actively interfere in the political life of the United States.