Suburban schoolchildren forced to listen to the song Kirkorov

At school little village Dedenevo, students had during the whole day on each change to hear the song Philip Kirkorov. It is reported by a national news service (NSN).

In honor of the birthday of the singer, on 30 April, his works have been lost through the speakers in the breaks between lessons. In addition, high school students were told to prepare a video about the life of entertainer. Parents, outraged by the school’s administration, began to write angry social media posts.

Singer Nikolai Baskov commented on the incident in the school edition of “the suburbs today.” In his opinion, some of the teachers is a fan of Kirkorov, but forced to teach students to his work is not worth it. “On the other hand, better Kirkorov, the group “Leningrad”. At least he is not mate,” said the Basque.

At the same time the state Duma has recognized this initiative as inappropriate and even criminal. “The school is better to study the classics, the cornerstone. It is not necessary to hit children according to their tastes and preferences, it is criminal,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education and science Boris Chernyshov.

April 30 Philip celebrated the 50th anniversary. The singer said that at the celebration numbered more than a thousand guests.