Steven Seagal was denied entry to Ukraine

Steven Seagal was denied entry to Ukraine

Actor Steven Seagal for five years denied entry to Ukraine. The security Service of Ukraine noted that such a decision is adopted if the special service becomes aware of the committed “socially dangerous acts”.

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) banned entry to the country, the American actor Steven Seagal. This is stated in the press service of the SBU, arrived in edition “Apostrophe”.

As told in the Ukrainian Ministry, the actor denied entry to Ukraine for five years. The report noted that the decision to ban entry into the country, was adopted in the case of the SBU becomes aware that the person will commit “a socially dangerous act, regardless of the territory it was committed”. Security service notes that “act” should also threaten the security of Ukraine.

American actor Steven Seagal has been granted Russian citizenship in November 2016

According to the press Secretary Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, actor “persistently and for quite a long time have been asked to grant him citizenship.” In addition, Peskov said, Seagal is “known” that he feels “warm feelings” towards Russia, which he never hides.

In December 2016 Segal was a co-founder of the company “Russian fair”, which is engaged in retail trade “with food, beverages or tobacco predominating in non-specialized stores”. The American actor owned 20% of the company, and 80% had “Firma ZAR”, which is owned by the President of the Moscow group ZAR and Chairman of the Board of the Central Orthodox Jewish religious organization “Federation of communities of mountain Jews of Russia” Akif Gilalov.

However, in early April, Segal resigned from the owners of OOO “Russian fair”. As told RBC representative of the American actor, the decision Seagal took due to the fact that he was busy in other projects, including in Russia. Details about the projects, the representative of the Segal did not disclose.