Sobyanin promised Zhirinovsky hundred invitations to the dance.


RIA Novosti

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin promised the Chairman of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, positivissimo the lack of dance floors for children or older people, send hundreds of invitations to various dance halls of the capital.

During the joint meeting of the state Council and the Commission on monitoring the targets of socio-economic development of the country Zhirinovsky drew attention to the lack of leisure places for young people and older people.

“Clinics are there, schools are there. For leisure there? Area for dogs, Parking, children’s Playground (is). But adults 15-20 years to 90, they where entertainment will be held? Today, may 4, the capital of our country, let’s go dance, just like that? Not a restaurant, just go to relax a person wants to eat or drink, anything… No!” — said the Chairman of the party.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in this regard, asked the mayor: “Where are we going dancing?”.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, about Vladimir Zhirinovsky worries dance in the Park every dance floor there. So we hundreds of invitations he will send to he had a choice,” — said Sobyanin.