Opposition rally in Moscow passed without incidents

The participants of the opposition rally in Moscow

During the opposition rally held on Saturday, may 6 on the Sakharov Avenue in Moscow, no violations have been recorded. About the Agency TASS in the Main Department of interior Ministry in the capital.

“On Sakharov Avenue ended agreed by the authorities of Moscow the opposition rally. Police and Regardie provided law enforcement and security, violations of public order is not allowed”, — said in the Chapter. They also mentioned that the rally has been agreed with the city authorities.

During the campaign, traffic on Sakharov Avenue from Sadovaya-Spasskaya street to the Boulevard ring was blocked, access to the event was through the metal detector. According to law enforcement, the event was attended by about a thousand people instead of the declared 10 thousand.

On Sakharov Avenue brought together representatives of various parties and movements, many on the clothes pinned white ribbons. The campaign, entitled “For Russia against the tyranny and repression” timed to the anniversary of the events of 6 may 2012 on Bolotnaya square. Then agreed with the authorities, the opposition March turned into clashes with police, was arrested more than 400 people.