Kadyrov promised to facilitate the verification of reports of harassment of gays in Chechnya

Kadyrov promised to facilitate the verification of reports of harassment of gays in Chechnya

However, according to the head of the Republic in the Chechen society there is no such thing as homosexuality.

Moscow. May 5. INTERFAX.RU — Leadership and law enforcement bodies of Chechnya are ready to cooperate with Federal authorities to verify the media reports on the situation of sexual minorities, but no official statements about their harassment is still not received, told reporters on Friday the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

“Leadership and law enforcement bodies of the Chechen Republic is ready to cooperate closely with the Commissioner for human rights under the President Tatiana Moskalkova, the General Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies to verify the media reports on the alleged harassment of homosexual persons”, — said Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya said that “this phenomenon is not typical for the Chechen people”

Kadyrov said that “the Chechen society is the phenomenon called gay: the people thousands of years living under other rules prescribed by the Almighty, dictated by the morals and ethics of relations between people”.

“We have among the Chechens they had not been. If only we are not talking about those who, not being a Chechen, it calls itself to get the opportunity to be on the West,” he said.

Kadyrov also noted that “the Commissioner for human rights in Chechnya, human rights activists with extensive experience, public organizations, heads of law enforcement agencies were asked to report incidents of harassment, of violence, if any, but statements on this account has still not been received”.

Earlier today, President Vladimir Putin promised the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova to discuss with the public Prosecutor and the interior Minister the situation of homosexuals in the North Caucasus. The human rights activist told the President that now deals with the problem of homosexual persons, who appealed to her in connection with the violation of their rights.

Publishing of “Novaya Gazeta”

In April, “Novaya Gazeta” published a material that in Chechnya detained about 100 representatives sex-minority, killed at least three people. 18 April, the press Secretary of the edition Hope Trusenkova told “Interfax” that the statements about the inaction of law enforcement agencies and investigating the facts stated in the “Novaya Gazeta” about the situation of sexual minorities in Chechnya will be sent to the Investigation Committee.

Trusenkova added that the newspaper had the names of fallen members of the LGBT community, and all victims, “their names we will call the investigating authorities, when they will be safe.” She confirmed that the Ombudsman contacted the journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” for information on the situation.