Investigators found Nazi paraphernalia in the barracks of the army of Germany

German investigators found in the barracks of one of the parts of the Bundeswehr paraphernalia of Nazi Germany. On it informs magazine Spiegel, reports TASS.

As writes the edition, in the German Donaueschingen found the window with the steel helmets of the Wehrmacht as well as room, hung with the paraphernalia of the armed forces of Nazi Germany. The whole thing was caught on camera, after which the record was transferred to the defense Ministry.

The impetus for the beginning of the exposure of a neo-Nazi cell in the German army became the detention of a serviceman who received fraudulently a certificate of the refugee. According to investigators, he was planning a terrorist attack to worsen society’s attitude towards migrants. The police also seized a pistol, hidden by the suspect at the airport.

Was later arrested five of his accomplices. During the searches were found a crate of assault rifles, which are painted a swastika and a poster with soldiers of the Wehrmacht.

In connection with the scandal, the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen has cancelled a visit to the USA and took the investigation under his personal control.