In case of fire in the Moscow high-rise injured nine people

The fire, which occurred on the night of Saturday, may 6, in a high rise building in the South-West of Moscow, injured nine people, including three children. About TASS reported in the emergency services.

In turn, the press service of the Metropolitan EMERCOM of Russia reported that doctors examine almost 80 people. “According to updated information, evacuated 77 people, including 17 children. All passed inspection for the ambulance, unfortunately, there are victims,” — said the source.

The fire occurred in one of the skyscrapers of the residential complex “Airship” on Union street, 64, building 2. On the ground floor of a 40-storey building caught fire cables for which the fire spread.

The house was immediately de-energized. Fire-rescue units simultaneously with the extinguishing of the fire commenced rescue and evacuation of people. The building was evacuated 70 people. At 01:18 the fire was extinguished.

The causes of the fire are established. The source of “Interfax” in the emergency services said that is airing and re-checking all the floors and elevators of the building. The fire occurred in 54 linear metres of cables.