Hollande has promised to “not leave unanswered” the hacker attack on the headquarters of Macron

Francois Hollande

French President Francois Hollande said that the hacking hackers the correspondence team of the candidate for the top post in the country of Emmanuel Macron “will not remain unanswered”. On Saturday, may 6, according to Yahoo! News.

“We knew about the existence of such risks during the presidential campaign, as has happened in other places. Nothing will go unanswered,” — said the French leader.

On the night of 6 may, the day before the second round of presidential elections, the organization WikiLeaks has published an array of documents, teams of Macron — nine gigabytes of files. Supporters of the founder of the movement “Forward!” believe that they were victims of a “coordinated hacking”operation.

The national Commission for monitoring the elections of the President of France addressed the media with a request not to use published documents, as they may contain false information.

The second round of presidential elections in France will take place on 7 may. In the first round, which was held on 23 April, the struggle for the presidency continue the candidate of the movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron, who scored 24,01% of the votes, marine Le Pen, supported by 21.3% of voters.