Hawking gave mankind one hundred years to leave the Earth

Hawking gave mankind one hundred years to leave the Earth

People need to colonize another planet for a century, otherwise the humanity will be threatened, warned the eminent physicist Stephen Hawking.

In a new BBC documentary “Stephen Hawking: expedition to Novaya Zemlya” physicist will present their predictions about the near future of humanity, reports CNBC.

Climate change, potential asteroid impacts, epidemics and population growth make our own planet more dangerous for Naxcivan Hawking

Earlier in the number of such threats physicist was also named the possibility of nuclear war, global warming, genetically modified viruses, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, among previous statements Hawking, you can find predictions that the chances of a global catastrophe eventually grow and it will happen in the next 1000-10000 years.

To avoid the disappearance of the human race will only resettle on the other planets.

Numerous programs for the study of the depths of our Earth and space project, exploring the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, scientists gradually reveal the secrets of the origin of life in the Universe and have the ultimate goal to hasten the moment when humanity will find a new home.