Due to a gas leak in the Indian school affected 200 students

Due to a gas leak in the Indian school affected 200 students

After a gas leak in Delhi (India) suffered 200 Schoolgirls. On Saturday, may 6, according to local police, reports Hindustan Times.

The leak occurred in the morning at 7:30 local time (5:00 GMT) at the container yard located adjacent to the girls school Jhansi Rani (Rani Jhansi). The affected children showed signs of poisoning: nausea and irritation of the eyes, some of them lost consciousness.

Earlier the newspaper reported the hospitalization of 110 Schoolgirls in an urban hospital Majeedia and Batra. According to police, during a leak, the children were in the classroom.

The chief officer of the Delhi fire service (DFS) Atul Garg (Atul Garg) said that at the scene carrying out inspections. “Students and staff of the school Rani Jhansi were evacuated and the entire area was cordoned off,” said he.

The Deputy chief Minister of the city, Manish Sisodia said that the life of children threatens nothing. “I talked with the girls and physicians, as students of the normal”, — he wrote in his Twitter account.

According to the Indian TV channel NDTV, the toxic substance was chloromethyl pyridine, which is commonly used for the production of pesticides.