Alain Delon announced the completion of a career

Alain Delon

French actor Alain Delon told that the painting he is working on currently, will be the last in his career. It is reported by Le Parisien.

“It’ll be the last movie because, like a fighter who doesn’t want to spend unnecessary fight, I do not want to do the extra film,” explained the 81-year-old actor his decision.

According to him, the last tape with his participation will be dedicated to the love between a man his age and 50-year-old woman.

Delon became famous after filming “the bright sun”, “Rocco and his brothers” and “Leopard”. For participation in the latest tape in 1963, was nominated for the award “Golden globe” in the category “Most promising newcomer among men.” The actor also is the owner of “Cesar” for best male role in the film “Our history”. On account of his three directorial work: “For the skin police”, “Shock”, “Indomitable”.