Trump signed the US Federal budget

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump signed on Friday, may 5, the law on funding the Federal government until September inclusive. Reported by the Associated Press.

Previously, the law was passed by both houses of Congress.

Budget expenditures will total $ 1.2 trillion.

As noted by Reuters, the signing of a trump budget prevented the suspension of work (the”closing”) of the government, which would happen at the end of the current day.

According to the document, on defense spending allocated nearly $ 600 billion, of which $ 15 billion — the additional costs of strengthening the fight against terrorism, $ 1.5 billion of emergency spending on border security.

The cost of operation of the energy sector will amount to $ 39 billion, national security $ 50 billion. The state Department released $ 57 billion, reports TASS.