The senators withdrew the bill on the prohibition of advertising with a map of Russia without the Crimea

The members of the Federation Council Olga Cowicide and Sergei Tsekov withdrew the bill on the prohibition of advertising with a picture of Russian map without Crimea and Sevastopol. This is recorded in the parliamentary database of the legislative activity.

“We made a bill, but when they began to work on it, I realized that this problem is much broader and requires a more detailed explanation,” — said Tsekov in an interview with TASS on Thursday, may 4.

The new version of the bill will affect not only advertising, but also a situation where “somewhere at work, and not only public, will be indicated by a map of Russia without the Crimea,” said the Senator. According to him, the document will be developed before the end of the spring parliamentary session.

Tsekov and Cowfile (both represent in the Federation Council the Republic of Crimea) introduced a bill to the state Duma on 3 March. In their opinion, the use of the card to the symbols of the Crimea and Sevastopol is “propaganda of the violation of the territorial integrity of the country.”

Earlier on 4 may it was reported that the ninth arbitration appeal court of Moscow upheld the fine AST, assigned for error in the school of geographical atlases. In particular, half of the cards was not specified in the Crimea.

The Peninsula became part of Russia in March 2014 following a referendum on self-determination. Kiev believes the region occupied. In Moscow declare that the procedure for the accession of Crimea consistent with international law.