The Russian Embassy in Britain, urged all to “come to the dark side”

The Russian Embassy in Britain, urged all to “come to the dark side”

MOSCOW, may 4 — RIA Novosti. The Russian Embassy in the UK on the day “Star wars” jokingly invited everyone to go on the “dark” side. A corresponding entry is published in the Twitter of the Embassy.

“Come over to our side — subscribe to us on Twitter on the day of “Star wars,” reads the post. The record is attached to the image of Darth Vader making a selfie, which clearly hints that we are talking about the dark side.

Therefore, the Embassy officials probably decided to make fun of the numerous attempts to discredit Moscow in the West.

Come to our side – follow us on twitter on #StarWarsDay

— Russian Embassy, UK (@RussianEmbassy) on 4 may 2017.

Russian diplomats do not leave for the first time in his ironic posts. Earlier, the Embassy called unsubstantiated statements about the “Russian hackers” by the Western media and politicians the “epidemic fashion”. The Embassy also published a comic poem about the British Prime Minister Theresa may. Sometimes diplomats accompany their recording fun images.

May is unofficially considered the fourth day of “Star wars” after fans of the cult Saga beat the famous phrase “may the Force be with you” (May the Force be with you) in the form of a pun: May the fourth be with you.