The media learned about plans of the US armed Saudi Arabia

THAAD missile defense system

The US plans to sell Saudi Arabia missile defense system THAAD, software for monitoring and control of the fighting and to resume negotiations on the delivery of the Riyadh four multi-purpose warships. About it reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the negotiations.

The Agency managed to find out that Washington is actively working to improve relations with Riyadh, which is not the best way affected the nuclear deal with Iran under Barack Obama. The plans of the White house signing traditional allies arms contracts worth billions of dollars.

In particular, according to Agency sources, discusses the Lockheed Martin deal to supply the Saudis of THAAD missile defense systems worth about a billion dollars. In addition to Riyadh, you may purchase from the company complex software C2BMC to control the fighting, but also for satellites.

The probability of purchase by Saudi Arabia, the US multi-purpose warships. The deal on the $ 11.5 billion were agreed by the Department in 2015 and, as noted, may be the first in several decades, the case of the sale of U.S. military vessels to other countries.

In addition, negotiations on deliveries of Riyadh bombs Paveway laser-guided, manufactured by Raytheon, and armor-piercing ammunition. Discussion of possible transactions accelerated in recent weeks in connection with the planned visit of President Donald trump in Riyadh.

Reuters notes that the American arms export controls the U.S. Congress with the intention that another U.S. ally in the middle East, Israel could maintain its military advantage over its neighbors.

In April of a missile defense system THAAD is deployed in South Korea. The US President has expressed a desire to get from Seoul a billion dollars for missile defense.