The failure of Tajikistan to conduct a “Immortal regiment” was considered a demonstration of independence

Franz Klintsevich

The refusal of the authorities of Tajikistan from the action “Immortal regiment” is designed to demonstrate the country’s independence from Moscow. This opinion was expressed by first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee Franz Klintsevich, RIA Novosti reported on Friday, may 5.

“The reference to Islamic traditions, in my opinion, just an excuse. I suppose that in such a strange way of Tajikistan decided to demonstrate its independence from Russia”, — said Russian Senator.

In his opinion, the “Immortal regiment” has acquired the status of not only Russian, but also international action. “It turns out that Tajikistan is facing away from universal values,” — said Klintsevich.

Earlier Friday, the state news Agency “Khovar” reported that the action “Immortal regiment” will be held in Dushanbe, as it was not originally included in the plan of festive events in honor of Victory Day in the Republic. It was noted that the Islamic tradition does not allow Muslims to appear on the streets with portraits of the dead. At the same time, living in Moscow, the Tajiks intend to take part in the action, said the head of the Union of Tajikistanis of Russia Abdullo of Davlatov.

“Immortal regiment” was held on the Victory Day in Russia and some other countries. During the memorial procession, the participants carry pictures of their relatives who fought in the great Patriotic war. The first such event was held in Tomsk in 2007.